Going Green

Going green with Chromadek®
How a product makes the green difference

Have you ever thought that you knew what going green is all about? Encouraging awareness related to the “going green” environment and sustainability is fast increasing. Interestingly this number drops when questions arise about how products make a contribution in green building.

So how are we involved in green building solutions if not already? If you find yourself engaging in thinking that will promote green building you are at the starting point. While legislation is a primary consideration, taking into account how a product makes a difference toward a sustainable built environment provides food for thought. Vital in the drive toward the green building initiative is the choice of materials that can be used. Consider for a moment aspects of our built environment. Every structure if not most has a roof, this being an integral component of a building that can be finished in Chromadek®.

Going green with Chromadek®, what does this entail?

While “going green” with Chromadek® doesn’t just mean a greener colour, it starts with one of the very first steps in producing colour coated steel in a more sustainable manner. In “going-green” with Chromadek® the first step involves the modification of the chrome content used in both the primer and pre-treatment components of Chromadek®.

Generically the pre-treatment in colour coated steel exists as a thin film layer designed to ensure the adhesion between the organic layer applied to the zinc coated steel substrate for enhanced corrosion resistance. Currently Chromadek® consists of both a chrome free primer and the recent transition to chrome free pre-treatment (also referred to as surface treatment). The top coat and backing coats applied is also chrome free.

Chromadek® has going green credentials

What differentiates Chromadek® as a colour coated roofing solution is the elimination of the chrome content in both the pre-treatment and primer applied in Chromadek®. In turn the need to treat chrome containing effluent produced as a by-product when producing colour coated steel is eliminated. This lends itself to sustainable manufacturing through the controlled emission of chrome when producing the preferred colour coated roofing solution. In doing so every coil of Chromadek® for roofing and cladding produced by ArcelorMittal South Africa is committed to making a sustainable difference.

For the “going-green” colour coated steel roofing solution, consider Chromadek® or Chromadek Ultim®, the only local organic coated material supplied as chrome free.


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